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Originally Posted by woodelf View Post
well, i just re-read some of the previous posts in this thread and have a thought about the part about the whirring or buzzing sounds that accompany some bigfoot sightings.
there is a 4 million year old extinct volcano about 10 miles south of here called black mountain. some say that it is a portal and that various critters use it. also, wierd things happen to people who dare to venture out there in too nosy a way. a friend of mine had his truck and camper tip over on its side one time after maneuvering a big rock. it took him 3 days to get his truck out, and 2 of the days it was pouring rain...this is the desert! ha! anyway, besides ufos being said to use the so called portal, bigfoots and those little mosquito robot bugs are said to also! maybe the mrbs are the bigfoots lil medics, cos the aforementioned reports include shooting at them. (shame on the shooters, btw!)
great posts, thanks for sharing

now we're really getting into it, volcanoes = portals, ufos, bigfeet, interdimensionals, i love it
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