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Originally Posted by iamwhoam View Post
I was trying to set up some basic facts from which to build an argument, because you attack everything I say. You have instead taken this opportunity to insult. I kept the list small on purpose. What is not small are these quite large monuments built as Masonic symbols or the global effects of 911.

I havent said a thing about this glyph, so I dont know why you keep bringing it up. I just included it in quotes from a book by a 32nd degree Freemason. These are not my symbols. If you dont like the way masons use them, take it up with the Masons themselves, not with me.

I dont appreciate your attitude. I wont be discussing anything with you anymore. If anyone else wants to know anything about this stuff (which I have put a lot of time into), let me know. PM me if you want to avoid trolls like rapunzel the mainstream witch.
Of course I'm a troll because I dare to disagree with you. I deal in facts which some people seem scared of.

You are implying a huge occult conspiracy yet you say I am insulting you when I comment that your list of facts/coincidences is so small. There should be more and there isn't and that is very strange.

The reason I keep mentioning the glyph for Sirius is because it is an example of how people reinterpret symbols to suit their own agendas. Once this has been done it then becomes a 'fact' which can be repeated endlessly to support the theories and then other people, who should know better, repeat it without checking its validity. This is how some ideas then become 'true'.
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