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Originally Posted by iamwhoam View Post
I dont understand. This should have more than answered your question. The Star of Bethlehem is the Eastern Star which is Sirius. These quotes also show that Masons equate Sirius with Isis, and that both are very important to them.

Regarding the glyph, if Masons want to represent Sirius in that manner, then that is their choice. It is not up to me. I'm just relaying the info.

If you are being truthful about having an honest debate, then let's try to agree on some basic facts:
  • Two pillars/columns are a symbol used in Freemasonry. They symbolize the oppositions that must be unified in the alchemical marriage.
  • The hexagram is a symbol of this alchemical union.
  • Construction of the pentagon began on 9/11/1941. Masons often lay cornerstones on symbolic dates. Within a pentagon fits a pentagram. The pentagram is a Masonic symbol for Sirius. The architect of the Pentagon was a Mason, and President FDR, a Mason, was actively involved in getting it built.
  • A dog named Sirius died in the towers on 911. Sirius is the dog star.
  • The new Trade Center building has sides shaped like up and down triangles.
  • The Millenium Hilton is next to the Trade Center complex and is publicly accepted as a tribute to Kubrick's 2001. In the book 2001, Bowman goes through a stargate at Saturn. Within the stargate, he encounters a red sun orbited by a white dwarf.
  • Saturn is the crown chakra.

If you dispute any of these statements, let me know, and I will provide evidence.

I said we are in the realm of probability because nobody is going to confirm that this theory is correct. If it is, it is a secret. Therefore, we have to decide on our own how probable it is that all the symbols came together accidentally. That is what I meant by probability.
Sirius is not Isis, Isis wants the Sirius star for her self, she is the companion of Sirius, the care taker, the mother, but she is not the legal parent of Sirus.

She wants to asimilate Sirus, eat it, ISIS is the devil.
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