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Originally Posted by wakeup2nwo View Post
I got one that takes an 88g co2 bottle. Can they be recharged? Or can you adapt a co2 gun into a pre charged gun?
To tell you the truth Im not that up on the specs.
I was loaning my brothers rapid its bottle was about 10inch and held enough air for about 130 shots before they started dropping.
I dont think the size of the bottle makes any difference as the charging line will screw onto the the bottle the same place it screws onto the gun so the dimensions will be the same.
They only prefare to use the diving bottle to recharge because its dry air they say foot pump charging can let dampness into the bottle, but I recon its more about laziness.
Dont now what you mean by pre charged but Ill have a look on you tube.
Hunters vermin is a good youtube channel plenty of tips.

Edit Ive been talking about pre charged.
Ive never used a co2 gun but looking about lots are asking if its possible to recharge with no replies.
Springs in air guns dont weaken so quick that you would notice, if you are planing of doing a lot of shooting and the CO2 bottles are a pain better to swap your riffle sooner than later. Nothing worse than running out of air, it happens with the pre charged but manual pumps cost nothing thou the divers bottle can cost as much as £200 .
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