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Originally Posted by ianw View Post
I was doing a bit a couple of summers ago, permission was real difficult to get. Your best approaching farmers that have just planted out seed and target pigeons and crows from a hide. The guys that pay usually have gun dogs and walk the fields shooting rabbit and hare but dont do a good job reducing the pigeon and crow, so from speaking with the farmers I found thats what they want doing. If you do a good job reducing the birds its possible they might let you have a go on any rabbits. I found they dont like you asking for rat shoots around there buildings feed and machinery.

If you can afford a Co2 gun with a decent scope it will out do any spring riffle. If there are multiple targets you can usually take more than one down before things get spooked due to the guns silence and quick reload. 40 yards with pin point accuracy can be achieved spring guns have a bit of a kick that dont allow for the same kind of accuracy. The canister can be charged via divers bottle or foot pump so they are always chargeable.

Pluss in a SHTF scenario you can tweak how many lbs it pumps out from the legal 12 to whatever in combination with heavier solid dyed pellets to give yourself a more powerful rifle.

I got one that takes an 88g co2 bottle. Can they be recharged? Or can you adapt a co2 gun into a pre charged gun?
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