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Originally Posted by Dude111 View Post
They dont want people knowing it can be refused.........

I wonder if your the only one in your appt bldg who refused it??

Do you get alot of interference on AM radio in your apartment?? (Tune across the dial and see if you hear loud noises where there isnt a station)

Good for you my friend!!
Thank you xx

I don't know if anyone else refused it, probably not. Finns are so law-obeying, that they obey automatically, lol.

No interference in my apartment, fortunately the walls are very thick.

What raised suspicions in the first place was the freaking leaflet itself. Logos of our housing company and Smart Living at the top. The text mentioned our electricity company, in the end another mysterious company was mentioned, which would install the meters.

I googled and found out, that Finns have been fighting these meters for years already. In some cases (several years ago) the guys wrestled themself inside the apartment to install the meter.

Many were too afraid that their electricity will be cut off if they refuse the meters, but the meters only measure the temperature and the humidity level inside the apartment. It has nothing to do with electricity.

I asked a relative, who is extremely anti-conspiracy, what he knew about the meter. He said that it only measures the temperature and the humidity inside an apartment, but that it is basically a spying device and said that it can well be a spying device disguised as a meter.

Many had huge problems when they first got the meter and then wanted to get rid of it. Once the meter is installed you are stuck with it.

Please people, refuse before it is installed.

You can use 'epilepsy' as an excuse, because they do not want to be sued if a person gets a seizure and dies. Even neurologists warn people at parties, saying that once the smart meter was installed the habitants started getting epileptic seizures, so use 'epilepsy' as an excuse.

Another thing came up when talking about it with friends: the upcoming 5G-network. We have 4G at the moment, but will soon get 5G. They said that the meters and the 5G works together, causing even more diseases in people.

Smart phones and Smart meters - both have the name Smart.

Personally I have always been against Smart phones. People can't understand why I still have a Nokia 3310 cellphone, with no bluetooth or internet, but after watching people stare at their iPhones and browsing the internet all the time, I decided not to be one of them. You see 3-4 friends having coffee and all of them are browsing their phones, barely speaking to each other. Same everywhere else, people are disconnected from each other, but deeply connected with their personal Smart Phone.

Smart Phone is a genious way to isolate people from others. Even kids are occupied with their phones.

So the talks about 5G-network and Smart meters working together is not that far fetched, or what do you think?
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