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Lightbulb Floor area 123 M

Jones Day..
Aurora Place is the common name of Renzo Piano's award-winning office tower and residential block on Macquarie Street in Sydney, Australia.. Its official name is the RBS Tower building.. The 41-storey structure is 218 m high to the top of the spire and 188 m to the roof..The building has an unusual geometric shape where not one panel is parallel to any grid..The east façade bulges out slightly from its base, reaching its maximum width at the top floors.. The curved and twisted shape of east façade is aimed to correspond spatially with Sydney Opera House and to represent the sublime marine environment of the harbour..The building was built on the site of the former NSW Government Office Block by Bovis Lend Lease..On 2 June 2009, French urban climber Alain Robert scaled this building in protest against climate change..Soaring Heights is one of Lend Lease’s Public Partnerships business in the US.. The 6 MW solar development at Soaring Heights Communities LLC is the largest solar powered community in the continental U.S., producing more than 10 million kilowatt hours of electricity, providing an estimated 75 percent of the community’s energy needs..

Innovarchi Architects..

An associate of Mulpha Australia - a property owning company that owns the private exclusive Hayman Island in the Great Barrier Reef and the nearby Intercontinental Sydney, lives in an unknown apartment in Aurora Place..International law firm, Jones Day are tenants of the 41st level..The international expansion of Jones Day began in 1986 when the firm merged with boutique law firm Surrey & Morse, a firm of 75 attorneys with international offices in New York, Paris, London and Washington, D.C.. The following years saw a rapid expansion, including into Hong Kong, Brussels, Tokyo, Taipei, and Frankfurt.. In 2011, Jones Day established an associate relationship with Alsulaim Alawaji & Partners in Saudi Arabia with offices in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Alkhobar..As of 2013, Jones Day is the biggest American law firm, with more than 2,400 lawyers and 800 partners..Terracotta tyles makes up much of the lower section of the building to contrast the white dominated glass cladding.. It also reconciles the orange-clad lobby and the residential complex..

The Matrix-It's the smell..

Piano was born in Genoa, Italy, in 1937, into a family of builders..Genoa is the capital of Liguria and the 6th largest city in Italy with a population of 588 688.. The Bank of Saint George, founded in 1407, is among the oldest in the world and has played an important role in the city’s prosperity since the middle of the 15th century..A number of prominent Genoese families were involved in the establishment and governance of the Bank, including the Houses of Grimaldi & Serra.. Unusually for its time, the Bank made use of a number of Jewish agents, including the Ghisolfi clan that managed certain possessions around the Black Sea..Many of Genoa's overseas territories were governed either directly or indirectly by the Bank..The Taman peninsula remained in the control of the de Ghisolfi family, but the princes of that clan now reported to the Bank..The Bank lent considerable sums of money to many rulers throughout Europe during the 15th and 16th centuries, gaining widespread influence.. Ferdinand and Isabella maintained accounts there, as did Christopher Columbus..In the se7enteenth century the Bank became heavily involved in maritime trade, and for a time competed with such concerns as the Dutch East India Company and the English East India Company..After Napoleon invaded Italy, he suppressed independent banks, and this led to the Bank's closure in 1805..De Ghisolfi was the name of a Genoese-Jewish family prominent in the late Middle Ages and the early Renaissance..It is generally accepted by most scholars that the unification of Spain can essentially be traced back to the marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella...

Whatever happened to all the talk of international co-operation to tackle climate change that we heard during the climate conference in Paris just a few months ago?..That is what many environmentalists are asking after the United States delivered a damaging blow to India's ambitious solar power programme this week..In response to a US complaint, a World Trade Organization (WTO) panel has ruled that India's National Solar Mission breaches trade rules.. "The ink is barely dry on the UN Paris Climate Agreement, but clearly trade still trumps real action on climate change,"..Friends of the Earth International said in a statement..India said it would add 100 GW of solar capacity by 2022..That's more than the current solar capacity of the world's top 5 solar-producing countries combined... people, it's no mystery where they come from..You sharpen the human appetite to the point where it can split atoms with its desire, you build egos the size of cathedrals, fiber-optically connect the world to every eager impulse, grease even the dullest dreams with these dollar-green, gold plated fantasies until every human becomes an aspiring emperor, becomes his own god, and where can you go from there?.even the bees honey takes on the metallic taste of radioactivity...

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