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Originally Posted by peabrain View Post
It's still widely prescribed, seems to be the drug that covers quite a scope of mental health problems, every nursing home I worked in prescribed it.

It's an evil drug imo. I guinea pigged myself one day when I was a young foolish girl, took 20mgs of it and was totally zombified by it. Of course one could argue that I shouldn't have taken it but I just wanted to try it to give me an indication of it's affect, as I was thinking of training to be a psyc nurse.

Not pleasant and should be discontinued, imo.

One particuarly nasty toxic side effects of the phenothiazone is Parkinsonism (see Parkinson's disease) is a well-known side effect. Some patients experience severe reduction of motor activity, abnormal skin pigmentation, and visual impairment. Chlorpromazine therapy is associated with jaundice. Because many phenothiazines are potent anti-emetics, i.e., they control vomiting, they may mask symptoms of toxic drug overdosage or of pathological disorders such as brain tumors. Phenothiazines also cause a disorder called tardive dyskinesia, which consists of bizarre muscular movements such as lip smacking and abnormal postures. It occurs in patients who have been given the drug for long periods of time.

I seen the results of this prescribed poison, people who could barely keep their tongues in their mouth and were so mashed up they were almost unreachble.

There was one old lady who'd reached her 100th birthday, god love her, she got her letter from old lizzie and the owner of the nursing home didn't even know if she was able to walk through to the dining area to have a party of sorts with her relatives.

Usually when someone hits 100 there's a big bit in the local rag about it as she'd recieved a letter from some old bint or other, however this wee lady was so fucked up by long term use of Largactil it would have been insentitive to photograph her.

Bless her soul, I often think about her and others who have been subjected to major drug pushing.
To a degree society is at fault here with elderly people. I know most people have to earn a living, but some of those who don't are too quick to book their nearest and dearest into a "care home" when the going gets tough.

The same is not the case in countries like Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece etc. It's normal for the family to look after their elderly parents at home, or pay friends to help out, instead of in being left with strangers in a residential home.
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