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Originally Posted by aster View Post
From his own previous account, St. Jimmy is one of those people who have been harmed by his treatment. Without knowing what the ratio of those harmed by Psychiatric treatment is to those who have been helped by it, the fact remains that very many people have been harmed. Anti-psychotic medication can have very nasty side effects, as can some anti-depressants.
Absolutely Aster, the effects of Physcotropic drugs on people is truly shocking to observe. If you ever watch documentaries in these residential type places for seriously ill folks, what strikes me is the feeling that as unwell as these folks may have been prior to 'treatment' they were not as sick as when they were not drugged up to the eyeballs.

Sure, some cases it may not be so, or, it might be truly dangerous to not have themm heavily tranquillised, but by a distance my take is that they totally destroy the mind.

Very sad.
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