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Default Backlash against truth movement is brewing

Cameron is now speaking about punishing people who question the official line with 'extremist disruption orders' as well as punishing 'trolls' online; these orders are aimed at curtailing peoples ability to speak out against the government for example by discussing what are dismissively called by the system 'conspiracy theories'

As we all know language is open to abuse and an 'extremist' or a 'troll' or a 'terrorist' is anyone the government says is one

he is saying that it doesn't matter if anyone has broken the law the government will harress them if it deems them a threat to its authority

He is also saying that anyone who questions the official conspiracy theory of 911 is an 'extremist'

As part of the ongoing war over the public consciousness he is now authorising GCHQ to hack peoples computers

We also have spy agency heads meeting google and apple heads for secret meetings

Bizarrely as camoron and his tory pals (labour and the lib dems are in on it too) are busy protecting high ranking pedophiles from prosecution he is changing the law to send any members of the public caught trading dodgy photos online to jail for 14 years

Why would he increase sentencing for pedos when he is busy protecting pedos?

All these pieces seem to begin to fit together in a very disturbing way....

I remember watching a clip by luke rudowski once where he mentioned receiving an email with a link. He didn't click on the link and received advice from a knowledgable friend who told him that the link would have led him to a site where he would have been exposed to compromising photos it possible that extremist disruption orders (asbos for conspiracy theorists) are going to be slapped on small time bloggers to shut them up whilst something more malevolent is being planned for more influential members of the truth movement?

I once read a book written by SAS author andy mcnab about his time in 7 squadron. Aside from all his fellow squadron members dying in strange circumstances something else about the book stuck in my memory

During the troubles in ireland the SAS did black ops where they sought to smear opponents by planting homosexual pornography in their homes then getting journalists to wait outside their house as police searched the house.

The targetted victim of the false sting operation would be pulled into a vehicle by the SAS who would tell him that unless he turned he would be stitched up as a homosexual (seen in those days as something that would compromise a person in that position and may even get them killed by their own people) with the press waiting on hand to report the planted materials

In the end the target tells the SAS to go fuck themselves and that his community would believe him over them and the operation failed; but it illustrates the kind of dirty games that go on

So could it be possible that the system is going to hack computers and place compromising materials on them to try and stitch up truthers?

Also the BBC seems on their news station to be portraying the abuse stories as 'historic', thereby trying to suggest to the public listener/viewers that the danger is over and that abuse is not still being perpetrated at the top levels of society

But also they are saying in response to the recent police announcements of the scale of the investigation that abuse is prevalent through every strata of society thereby trying to shift blame off the establishment and onto wider society

Obviously abuse does go on in society but the abuses in the establishment have a ritualistic dimension to them (black magic)

It is just the kind of thing that would appeal to the sick sense of humour of the black lodge to try and turn the pedophile frenzy onto their opponents thereby deflecting its potential to topple their system

I don't know what the system is planning to do by hacking the publics computers beyond intelligence gathering but these clandestine meetings with apple and google suggest that something is brewing

They are hatching a plan

So be careful out there comrades.....and be careful what links you open and click on
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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