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Originally Posted by georggearless View Post
Haven't seen the drama show, and it's unlikely that I ever will.

But it got me thinking back to the 10'th grade when we had a teacher (a realy cool guy btw) who was a western addict and showed us "the good the bad and the ugly" during class, in order to analyse it.

Even though the "good guy" (Blondie, Clint Eastwood), lies, cheats, steals and kills, he is still considered the good guy. Why?

We never realy finished that discussion .

The BBC always have an agenda IMO. I really do worry about the deeper effects on someones consciousness because of the path these types of stories take.
TV makes everyone sub-consciously impressionable if you fall into the viewing state where your fully submerged in what your watching with no awareness beyond the screen. I have no doubt that the BBC are fully aware of this. You can even bet that the BBC/government have done plenty of research on the power of television as a medium to control and manipulate.
This may sound paranoid to some but I'm starting to believe that every second of BBC airtime is following some pre-determined agenda of manipulation. Everything from a 5min kids cBBC show to a documentary has some level of manipulation.

I'd love to have the time and patience to make a few videos where I gave a full running commentary of everything I pick up in any given show. This would be the only way I could explain myself and do it any justice. I have seen people doing this sort of thing on YouTube before but never for a whole TV show from start to finish. Maybe one day.

It could even be much more serious than direct manipulation and propaganda.

We need to stop thinking of TV as entertainment because it's really a propaganda technology. Its main introduction into society at the end of WWII is perfectly synced with the moral decline of society... as well as the many neurological diseases that have rapidly increased. One example being Alzheimer's disease which is rapidly growing in only the developed parts of the world that have TV's in every home.

The OAP's of today are the very first generation to have televisions for their entire life and this could explain why Alzheimer's is so widespread today. The statistics seem to match up because when you look at all of the developed counties where each household has a TV, you will see the same massive increase in OAP Alzheimer's disease, with no massive increase in the countries without TV's in every home. This is too much of a coincidence if you ask me.

Even the symptoms on the brain seem to make sense because someone suffering from Alzheimer's disease are experiencing cell death in the memory parts of their brain. Its almost as if the part of the brain that isn't being used enough is dying away because when someone watches so much TV, their not using their memory as much. The TV is acting as their memory by providing the experience for them, a proxy experience. Without television, people will be experiencing their own lives once again and using their own memory.

Most people on this forum should know that watching TV will put you into a trance-like state of awareness where the brainwaves looks identical to someone being hypnotized. This not only means your highly susceptible to manipulation but it also must be incredibly unhealthy for our brains to be in this state for such long periods of our lives.

But by far the most disturbing part of this theory for me is if it's ever proven to be true. I've explained all this to many people before and I usually ask them, "if it was proven that television causes Alzheimer's and this trance-like state was proven as dangerous, do you think TV will be banned?"

Everyone always say's NO

Society is so dependent on television today, I honestly believe it wouldn't be banned even if it was proven to be the main cause of cancer. That's a terrifying thought don't you think?
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