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Angry Blatant BBC Brainwashing

Theres a new drama on the BBC called 'GOOD COP' that is by far the most obvious brainwashing I have ever seen.

Heres a quick summary of the shows plot

A young police officer witnesses his partner getting beaten to death by a group of thugs so he takes the law into his own hands and goes about getting his own justice. This police officer shoots the first thug dead, batters and tortures the second thug until he was begging for his life and then he shot him in the head. Since he's a police officer he then uses his position to manipulate witnesses and to keep a close eye on the murder detectives trying to find the murder.
In another sub-plot he dumps into an old girlfriend who has had his child and tries to get back with her. He tells her he loves her and wants to be a part of her life but at the same time he's shagging his fathers carer/nurse who happens to also be a married women.

That about sums up the drama so far but the way the story is told, its designed to make the viewer believe this police officer is good. Forget the fact that he hasn't shown any remorse or any emotion for his two murder victims or the brutal torture meaning he is clearly a psychopath. His behavior with the married women and his ex and the way he casually manipulates any potential witness shows him to be sociopath too but all the time this BBC drama is portraying him as a good guy. The simple name of the show 'Good Cop' says it all.

I dread to think what sort of effect a TV show like this would have on someone who isn't consciously aware of what's going on. I imagine there will be viewers out there watching this TV show lusting for more murder and violence from this highly manipulative, corrupt and murdering police officer.

I see this as clear brainwashing. Another example of how TV is manipulating peoples perception and harming their consciousness without them even realizing it. How the BBC can have the audacity to call it 'Entertainment' is insane and people wonder why 'empathy' is a dying emotion in our society today.

Have you seen this show too? What was your thoughts about it?

One day I will get rid of every television set I own but at the moment I'm using it to understand my own brainwashing from all the TV I've seen in the past. I'm always fully conscious whenever I'm watching it now, never allowing myself to fall into that once very common trace-like state. You'd be amazed at how much you see when you do this, but you'll also be shocked when you start realizing how much you would have missed before.

Here's a link to the show on the BBC EYE PLAYER: (sorry if your outside the UK)

The 'Good Cop' website:
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