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Originally Posted by cosmicpurpose1.618 View Post

What do you say to people who claim that human life-span was drastically less before vaccines were invented?
The here below quoted words date back from the early 18th century when personal or public hygiene and overall sanitary conditions in European countries were as you may guess, let alone in France… :|

They got published in 1727 in The Hague as part of a collection gathering some original texts by Swiss philosopher and occultist Cornelius Agrippa, and you may download a free PDF copy of the book at the following address…

At page 242 in the course of a study on number 7, Agrippa describes the process and stages of growth and aging in a human being. Slicing lifespan into rounds of 7 years he thus comments on the fifth one…

In the fifth one he stops growing, & strengthening ; in the sixth he keeps his acquired capacities : at the seventh septenary of his life he goes careful, & his age gets him perfect ; & as he steps into his seventh tens, its then the ordinary term of life, as says the Prophet ; Our days last until 70.

‘Stepping into the seventh tens’ here is actually meant as ‘being a septuagenarian’ and not ‘dying at 70’…

Conversely to what our contemporary Medicine had people end up firmly believing after decades of a disguised mercantile propaganda through all successively available media, you therefore got here un undeniable proof that in the early 18th century and despite way harder and health threatening life conditions, our ancestors would not die at 30 or 40 like the mythology claims it but at 75, see 79 as an average life expectancy of these times. Better say just like today...

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