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Default This on DI Headlines today ....

"Coinciding with the ever-increasing vaccine schedule are soaring rates of chronic illness in children, including cancer, which has skyrocketed and is now the leading cause of death by disease in children past infancy.

Government authorities refuse to acknowledge any link between cancer and vaccination, but could injecting toxic chemicals repeatedly into our children, especially at critical intervals in their development be causing cancer in so many?' "

Dahh.... you think there might be a link ???

AJ put this to bed 18 years ago ...I remember listening to all the insiders and whistleblowers he interviewed , here's the bottom line....

99% of all autism spectrum is caused by thimerosal in vaccines everyone has had their IQ reduced by this , autism is just an extreme reaction (now 1 in 60)

95% of all cancer is caused by agents in the vaccines ...cancer virus is normally used which lays dormant in the body and only activates when hormone levels change around age 45 , this way the victim has usually earned enough wealth which then goes to big pharma in health care .... they may have recently adjusted this strategy and started targeting children more ...people in the west have a 50% chance of being diagnosed with cancer some time in their lives ...

Of course this is all intentional ... to reduce IQ of everyone ...wrek society and burden us with an astronomical health care bill

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