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Talking Sidekick Simon: An Appreciation

When I sat down to watch the first episode of Alan Partridge: Mid Morning Matters, I fixed my eyes on Coogan and prepared for the inevitable burst of coffee onto my keyboard. Any doubts as to Coogan’s ability to still inhabit the role were dispelled with the opening phoner about condiments. “Gravy,” said the caller, “that’s not a condiment, it’s a hot sauce,” came the reply. ‘Brilliant,’ I thought, ”AP’ is back….’

Yet within a minute, I couldn’t focus on Partridge because I was transfixed by the understated physical comedy of Sidekick Simon, played by Tim Key. Simon clearly smokes a lot of weed; he has the ruffled hair, patchy beard and terrible shirt collection of a long-time stoner. It’s possible that his cousin/friend/brother is responsible for producing vast quantities of THC heavy skunk in Norfolk, and it’s nailed on that he is much cleverer than Alan. And Alan can’t handle it.

And the reasons are classic Partridge. Clearly, Simon has never worked in radio. In fact, if he has worked at all I can only imagine it being part time in somewhere like Greggs so he can take advantage of the free cakes at the end of the day. So you can see Alan’s thought process when they met in the pub. ‘This guy is funny in a surreal kind of way, though I’m not sure why, I’ll get him to sit next to me and by laughing at his jokes I’ll look like I’m current. And if I add the odd-one liner at the end, I really will be down with the kids.’ Except, as ever in the world of Norfolk’s premier radio personality, the opposite happens. If you haven’t see the episodes yet, I won’t spoil them, but here’s an early example to get you going…
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