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After some hesitation I came to the conclusion that he is very good and we are lucky that have him now... He was angrily slandered in many things...

Here I wrote something.

Also I posted there a good movie, all that in the movie - is true, but it is not about all.

If you have questions I can try to answer, because I tried to deal with all the lies about him and to find some truth...

But one thing I can say right now - he saved our country from collapse. And now he is doing some good things in our country in internal policy. I see some changes and activities after boring Medvedev!

Also, for understanding Putin's and Kremlin's policy you need to remember that

1) Putin leads such policy, which allows him to save his life, he is forced to maneuver
2) Our actions and methods are often similar to their strategics, but they are as response, counter-actions. For example, our intelligence service often was and is - a counter-intelligence - in response to their actions ... The same with some our laws and other activities
3) Also, to understand the actions of Russia, you need to keep in mind that we can't speak exactly what we are doing ... And if words look like a conspiracy with "them" all, then in fact it may be something different

P.S. Putin and Russia need in support...

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