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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
That's because he endured fair amount (may be understatement?) sexual abuse? His eyes tells it if you can read iridology. Very clear scaring on anus and sexual organ. It don't lie.

I'm sorry for being critical Mr Icke but just as charity starts at home, revolution starts from home too.
Just because many people uses FB and sticking to it is like complying to tptb's agenda.
You have enough following to lead a new direction in social networking. Start a trend in conscious community.
Remember, Myspace was big one time, Yahoo was big before google came along and they are now nothing and so the FB will be.
Nothing is permanent and the key to success is to keep moving with the flow otherwise those stay stagnant will sink.
Anyway, my point you missed was that unlike other social networks like MySpace, Prodigy, AOL, Yahoo etc. Facebook and Twitter were built from the foundation up by the American intelligence establishment for the purposes of data mining and geo-location. Zuckerberg is more or less the public face of the operation.

Hence, expect censorship.
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