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Facebook is a joint project of the NSA and NRO. In addition to datamining and psychological profiling, geolocation of users is one of the primary project objectives. The project was envisioned when the decision was made to make the ARPAnet public for civilian use.

Zuckerberg went to the official boarding school of the NSA, Phillips Exeter Academy. They have been an integral part of the American military establishment since Paul Revere designed their logo. It was very unusual for a new student to be admitted as an upperclassman outside of their normal post-graduate program. Zuckerberg was recruited specifically to administer the Facebook program due to his exceptional aptitude for mathematics, math being essentially the god of these elite academic types, as well as his now legendary computer programming skills. If you believe the movie about him dreaming up the idea in his dorm at Harvard, then I have an investment opportunity for a bridge in Brooklyn that you might find interesting. This company wasn't just a new MySpace, social networking had been around since AOL and Prodigy were dialup only. Facebook has been backed by the intelligence community since the beginning.

Facebooks were books of pictures of students and faculty at boarding schools and colleges distributed at the beginning of each year. The concept was extended to an online database of users. Originally the idea was more like in that each ISP would have profile pages like a personal web page that users could utilize for storage of pictures and personal files. People are more than happy to pay for the architecture of their own surveillance.

The NSA is essentially the invisible spider on the web of the internet. This grew out of the ECHELON surveillance program as a logical extension. They have every single packet that has ever been transmitted over the internet or telephone networks. They can pull up any text message you have ever sent or phone call you have ever made like itunes as well as look at any porn you have ever seen. They even have algorithms to determine your sexual orientation and proclivities based on your porn tastes. Facebook knows your politics, your hours, your locations, if you have been cheating on your spouse, etc. etc. etc. This is the real reason why it is banned in China.

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