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Tavistock Institute - The Deep State's Engineers
Jamie Busby (Staff Author)

As wikipedia states, they were formed in 1947, though they'd been operating as the "Tavistock Clinic" in London since 1920. They've had secret connections with Freemasonry since their inception. Their goals are social and informational control. As part of the Deep State's toolkit, they're used to mold public opinion on all things political, social, economic and educational in America.

They're also involved in the Eugenics "movement", a fancy word for what Hitler and the Nazis were guilty of and vilified for. Namely the creation of a master race. They urge the young to rebel against their parents via the utilisation of music, drugs, film and video games. Parents are relegated to nothing more than a pain in the arse. The youth will be brainwashed to place war and "the system" above the family unit. Have we not already seen this happening for some years now? Social media and Universities nowadays are no replacement for a family, but people are drifting away from each other rapidly.

The Tavistock Institute pools information from psychology, sociology and other social sciences. No big deal huh? Well it is when you're in a position to CONTROL this information and what's put out to the masses with regards to it. That word "Control" again, the ultimate tool of the Deep State. Once the origins of what we're being told are disguised, "THEY" can tell us anything they like and it tends to be taken as Gospel.

Tavistock is funded by a $16+ BILLION a year budget, obtained from a network of "foundations" in America. A British think-tank being funded by America... Their kind benefactors include the CIA, the Military Industrial Complex and Big Pharma to name just a few. A rather influential few to put it mildly.

They were originally funded by the British Royal Family but it wasn't long before members of the Rothschild and Rockefeller families got their dirty snouts in on the action. When that lot get involved in anything you KNOW that something big and most likely treacherous is going down.

Their agenda can be broken down simply into the following objectives;

- Demoralisation of the population

- Destruction of the family unit

- Create conflict between religions, turning them all against each other

- Make being "Patriotic" a terrible thing

- Create and propagate conflict between all races

- Create and propagate conflict between the sexes

- To corrupt morality and promote hedonistic behaviour e.g. Sex, booze, drugs and rock n roll...

- Split social groups further, creating as many as possible; So much easier to create conflict that way

- Attempt to eliminate any sense of male or female identity
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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