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Originally Posted by brianthebrain View Post
as much as i hate to admit it im starting to feel sorry for him, its like some greek tragedy, a man held up as a ''god'' is found to be fallable and they turn on him , knives flashing they look to wound and hurt, such is the price of them feeling betrayed

its like watching a car crash, he now wont even post on the forum he pays for, for fear of attack, credability totaly blown, what next i ask,, hemlock
Originally Posted by dubmeup View Post
Cheers for the link, i've just read it and the associated topic.
Nice one JH, you've confirmed all the suspicions about your motives regarding tpuc, undermined every 'good' thing you've done and made yourself look like a petulant, hypocritical, nepotistic little fuhrer.
All in a days 'work' eh.
One thing that we are all forgetting here boys and girls, is that TPUC is a business with business sales and merchandise. Or it was, it may not be so now.

John is a man. a living, breathing human being with a right of equality.

While John may choose not to stand under statute legislations and stand in his own power as a free man on the land, equal to (and indeed, as he has said 'no greater and no lesser than') all others: in creating TPUC as a merchandise outlet such falls into corporate territory.

While John remains free of obligation to statute law, his business and site (where it comes under business heading) do not - because they are part of the corporate world and as such liable to corporate legislation.

The banner of Equality comes into play here too - because how can one corporate entity be judged differently from another - of course John has to abide by statute law governing corporate entities, he would make a mockery of his own standing of a freeman and the status he is afforded under Equality if he did not.

John is not a corporate entity, and therefore his move to be a free man is justified. TPUC where it existed as a corporate entity, however, must be judged as a corporate entity - simply because it is in business. Where it moves away from merchandise and business, it then becomes removed from corporate responsibilities - the move John has taken to remove merchandise is a perfect reflection of this.

Of course, i suspect that the OP is aware of the difference between a man and a corporation, and likewise aware that TPUC as a corporate entity was not removed from corporate responsibility, and moreover was immersed within it.

John is not TPUC. TPUC is not John. The two are very different.

One is a man, one is / was a corporate entity, liable under Equality to pay sufferance to corporate legislation: unlike John who chooses under the same Equality to be free of legislation.

Is it any wonder then that TS have weighed in and hoofed their sized nines around - applying corporate legislation upon a corporate being via statutes that govern ALL corporations?

Interesting connotation eh?

But, of course, the weetabix brigade don't want to listen to that, they want to listen to this:

Originally Posted by brianthebrain View Post
after much speculation, the truth about the recent event at tpuc have come to life,,

trading standards have popped round to his( JH) house after complaints about him selling dodgy advice on DVDs,,,, pmsl,,,, wish id have thought of that,, congrats who ever did that,, good man

AND,,,an injunction was threatened against him for breaching a STATUTE re giving info out about the family court,,, needless to say john just lauthed at their order, returned it no contract and invoked the MC,, WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!! HE DIDN'T, HE JUST DID WHAT THE COURT TOLD HIM, oh well that pisses on that bag of chips then, he only advises others to ignore the courts, when it comes to saving his sorry arse, he just doffs he cap,, yes sir, right away sir

further more after trading standards visit,, he is no longer selling or even giving away DVDs for fear of being prosecuted,,,, no don't,, i cant stop lauthing and is putting a,,,, for entertainment only purposes only disclaimer,,, on tpuc

he also appears to have run out of gullible folk to leach off whilst he writes his long awaited book,, and has got himself a job, paye and all,,, careful john youl be paying your council tax next,, on the subject of which,, the first chapter is now out,, all 800 words of it, it concerns johns previous incarnation as an Egyptian prince and,,, well as you can guess. the rest is bollux
it makes their day so much more worthile

naymind eh

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