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Originally Posted by rumpelstilzchen View Post
Not really.
It's purpose is to enforce consumer related legislation.
You know, to make sure that those nasty corporations don't have us over with their misleading advertising or selling us goods not fit for purpose such as offering for sale DVDs that don't do what it says on the tin.

but i find this quite fascist, its a breach of freedom of expression.

if he believes the system works like he thinks, then he should be free to say so.

and he shouldnt be restricted from selling bs as legit, even if its all crap.

he should label it "revolutionary manifesto"then, wonder if thats legal.

there is a court ruling allowing tv stations to lie(no suprise), yet JH cant sell "lies"?

religion sells fairytales about godfigure in the sky, how comes they get away with it?

if youre no fmotl supporter(neither am i), then atleast honour the "everyone is same before the law".

if you dont, youre either a fascist or an anarchist.
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