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Originally Posted by Truthspoon View Post
Thanks. My personal focus of attention was the book of Coming Forth by Day. The Sirius thing was just a blind spot which I thank you for correcting, but my personal interest in ancient egypt was more on the metaphysical aspect. You only see what you focus on, sometimes you miss the details, thankyou for answering my question.
We all sometimes miss the details, none of us is perfect.

Since you're here, what was the significance if any, of what we know as the constelation of Orion to the ancient Egyptians? Do you ascribe to the Graham Hancock theory that the pyramids were set out to mirror the three stars of Orion's belt.
Hancock's theory may have been quite ingenious and at first glance appeared to have something going for it but as I understand it several astronomers have taken issue with his measurements and dates and even Hancock has had to back down somewhat and acknowledge that it is all symbolic.

So no, I don't believe in the Correlation Theory with Orion although the south eastern corners of the 3 pyramids align with the ancient city of Heliopolis which does seem to be deliberate.

Nor do I believe that the constellation of Orion had a great significance to the Egyptians. Known as Sahu we are not even sure if it contained the same stars as the current Orion. It's quite a fascinating subject since we don't know exactly when Osiris became connected with Sahu, and even more confusingly Horus, as in Horus the Elder, is a God who preceded Osiris in the mythology. Horus the son is a later God who became syncretised in the typically Egyptian manner. The idea that the Egyptians had a stellar religion which was later substituted by a solar religion does not hold water.

Additionally do you believe that the ventillation shafts had some other purpose, some researchers claim they channeled light from certain stars into the chambers or directed the Pharoah's soul to the correct celestial destination. I literally don't know and would be happy to hear your perspective. I suspect possibly that they were just literally air shafts.
No-one knows what these shafts were for and I hesitate to form an opinion with so little evidence. What is known is that including them in the construction of the pyramid make the work so much more complicated than it already was that they must have had some importance otherwise why bother to do all the extra work?

Why would the Pharaoh's soul need shafts to pass to the heavens? Was it not capable of penetrating sold objects? And why were these shafts not included in all the pyramids if this was the belief.?

Channelling the light of certain stars has the problem, which stars and which dates? The northern shafts point to the circumpolar stars and it seems impossible to focus on one of those stars at the same time as focusing on significant stars through the southern shafts. There is the added problem that the shafts are bent so without the judicious placing of mirror, of which there is no evidence, no light could penetrate.

Why would ventilation shafts be necessary for a dead body, particularly given the immense difficulties in constructing them and why do the shafts not go all the way to the outside from the queen's chamber and why are there doors in some of them?

The issue just raises more and more questions but hopefully someone will come up with a solution in the future. There will be an answer, the Egyptians didn't construct these shafts for no purpose but I'm not intuitive enough to even hazard a guess as to what the purpose is.
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