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Originally Posted by mranderson View Post
how is it my pre conceived idea that the Quran is the foundation of Sharia ?

Well where does Iran come into this then ? Under the western controlled Shah and you ALL say that is the case the Iranians looked a lot more European ( not that it matters and I would prefer it if everyone had thier own style to be honest because thats a rich tapestry , I don't think European is the model of humanity , we all need to learn from one another and all have something to offer )

and then came the Ayatollah and the Islamic Republic of Iran and suddenly the veils and the strict adherence comes back ?

so which was it with the case of Iran ? Is it also under British control and CIA control ? How come they have done the exact reverse of what you just stated ?

how is correcting you being facetious ?

you stated Sharia is an invention of the British after WW1

and that is a false statement

and I can see what you are doing , it's more of this bullshit about Islam being the perpetual victim of outsider oppression which funnily enough constitutes the core identity of all three Abrahamic faiths

Sharia is an interpretation of the Quran not its “foundation”.
Their are many interpretations of the Quran hence there many groups and forms of society just as there is with other philosophical ideologies and religions.

Just as Zionism is created was equally an interpretation of Judaism not Judaism itself but a deception so it could be brought into existence.
It’s like claiming Zionism is 100% Judaism. It’s not but an inversion of Jewish text. The Islamic equivalent is Sharia Law and it’s inversion of Islam so man can rule/control society. Thus this was interfered with by those who wanted to create a level of control among Islamic nations.

I think you’re deliberately being deceptive with what I’m saying.

I’m not saying Europe is the model for humanity so that’s a misinterpretation of my text (you see how easy it is now) but it’s people are able to eat a bacon butties without receiving a lashing or having their arm or head chopped off. That is not Islamic but a deception by the likes of Sharia Law. Such I do not call rich tapestry but a war upon humanity to control and suppress if you like it please feel free to embrace it until you understand the problem.

Iran has had interference by this international Zionist model yes it has and had been regime changed and ruled by them for many years and such has become their norm and culture/way of life (rich tapestry you refer to).
Hence since the Islamic Revolution the Zionists want to get back in and fully control them. They’ve adopted some of those practices within Sharia Law as that has become the norm they’re use to and it’s removal would be their liberation rather than the bombs or US and Israeli Zionists to get a foothold of Iran. So I hope you’re becoming enlightened a little if you can accept these realities...

You’re not “correcting me” your attacking what I’ve said and not offering an alternative to “put me right” if or where I’m wrong.

When you be sarcastic towards a serious comment and ask questions in manner to undermine them which you have preconceived ideas about, which you express within that comment that is what facetious means not by you “correcting me” if you can correct me without doing so and offer an alternative then no, you would not be facetious but you’re not doing that...

Sharia as it exists today is an inversion of an old interpretation of Sharia Law and I’ve already expressed in another reply perhaps I should of worded it a little different which you will see if you read my previous comments.
So please. It’s says a lot more about you than it does me what you choose to focus upon out of all that I’ve written and we have already gone over this.

If you don’t think or understand that much of Islam is a victim due to international Zionism and interests within the Middle East then you don’t understand the problem and I may as well be talking to a wall.
This is the case if you like it or not so these international Zionists can gain control of the Middle East, Land, Resources and occupy people.

I’m not an Islamist if that’s what you’re trying to suggest I don’t particularly like the religion myself for a personal ideology to live by but my principles are more to do with a people being attacked and made to look like the bad guys when they’re overwhelmingly a victim of international interests that I’m strongly against hence my points of view. Religion has nothing to do with my attitude towards this.
Thus these international interests attacks upon the Middle East have created much of those Islamic extremists believe it or not by design and these international powers are using such as a tool and justification to do more attacks.

I’m sure by your attitude that if it was you in their position under attack you’d be in ISIS within 5 minutes so you could resist such attacks.

But again who am I to suggest such a thing like that
Danny Edwards
If you believe everything I say, I don’t trust you. More importantly you shouldn’t trust yourself or you own opinion on this until you’ve researched it for yourself!

Knowledge alone is not enough know thyself...

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