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scottishryan ,, did they get you ?

I'd like to share a recent lucid dream before it fades,

In this dream I was observing a planetoid ? or more like a moon ? maybe a planet but I could clearly see craters on it like on the moon.

it had a huge hole in it, just like the circular part of the Death Star in Star Wars,
the hole was radiating pure white light, extremely bright. This was my focus straight away but I was pulled away/distracted.

I went into a not so lucid state involving other stuff ,,

then I was strongly pulled back,

,, to observe the 'moon' cracking open down a central line and opening completely (slowly) to reveal the pure bright, whitest light ,, shining/radiating outward ,,

I first felt that I 'was' the universe observing itself, as in the nature of the universe is a spherical object beyond human perception' ,, (infinity)

but on reflection, I'm not sure, just an observer.

Another semi lucid dream state involved being with ex colleagues in an incredibly intense surreal dream world, kind of, I know I'm dreaming but I'm not controlling it, I'm being guided. Communication in the dream state.

The brilliant dream youaredreaming described was so interesting (thanks), I loved the hint at Jung's collective unconscious.

Imagine, we dream & meet each other in that plane of consciousness ! like Unimatrix Zero in Voyager, then wake into another level of collective consciousness/unconsciousness.

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