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Originally Posted by doobyferkin View Post
Sounds that we listen to is related hear ........"music" creates imagery......this imagery affects our perception, music in the control of a "dark force" can guide a whole society up a certain path....... 'Bob' does not listen to music, Bob's perception of the world will still be affected by this "force" by interacting with all the people who have been affected by the music. This also relates to vision and watching TV. Music linked with music videos will give a stronger influence....this all in return will affect and change the dream state.

Tangerine Dream or Tangible Dream are a "force" that i consider fighting this "dark force". Their music is a key and open doors to an awareness that will affect the dream state and help guide the listener.....they even say this in their lyrics...........

Bent Cold Sidewalk 1978

Hear ......."we can lead you far beyond that door"...the door is the opening into the musical soundscape (no words) which takes you on a "journey" if you accept the invitation and prepared to go.

Sounds that we make is more affective in "opening doors" although much of society as lost how to do this. Vocal work combined with applied breathing is an important "key" to unlocking the code to "seeing".

As an experienced musician i have started a project where i play music, completely improvised and performed in a meditative state to groups who mediate, tai chi, yoga etc.., i play based on the energy of the group, this music is given to them for their moment and is to help aid their experience. I have done quite a few sessions hear with different types of groups and they all have been rewarding and enhancing for both parties involved.

The next step of this project is to introduce a vocal element for them to join in, this will help them find their own "voice". I will be taking this into schools to help children and teachers, my first session will be after easter.

There is so much more to say about this aspect - sound/vibrations in relation to the op.
The Monroe Institute exclusively uses sound via Hemi-Sync and I do believe sound/music can be very influential and beneficial in our dream journey.

I often create music during pre-sleep hypnagogic to shape the normally random audio rumblings that start when the dream starts to emerge into my sensory view.
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