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Originally Posted by youaredreaming View Post
These are topics that are not widely accepted or discussed on the WWW... at least I know here people are more involved in their own awakening so that each of our experiences with coming into this knowledge simply benefits each other, and I do believe it will help us grow to be more than what we currently are. That's the perk when we start to grow up as awareness.

I love sleep paralysis and have always exploited it for conscious travel, every time I have it I roll out-of-body largely because as I am stressing the body is not me, it is an interface that I am using. It provides valuable human experience feedback but I am separate from the body so when it's sleeping what does it matter if I have a little adventure, it's asleep. So off I go.

Expect to experience a lot of sleep paralysis if you are practising being conscious and letting the body fall asleep, again what ever fears you might have treat them as irrational and work through them as they are the limiting force not what will enable you.

When you enter into the non-physical reality through sleep, also remember that in that state everything is about recursive feedback from your subconscious to your conscious as information/content will have to render in that state. The dream-state is a highly thought-reactive canvas which means your thoughts conscious and unconscious will render into a virtual 3D simulation; try not to be too caught up in the content or what ever drama it creates.

Aliens, Devils, Angels, Goblins, Unicorns, Santa Clause, The Toothfairy... all our imaginations can become a vivid simulated character on that canvas so one needs to push past ideas and beliefs that project these characters and move deeper and deeper into who you actually are. As Robert A. Monroe says, look under the hood and get to the basics.

Because Non-Physical reality is a thought-generated field and you will find this in the dream-state that certain layers exist which allow for greater freedom of the imagination where others are more rule-set specific meaning the content at that layer doesn't invoke your imagination. Different layers/focus-states for different experiences.

You'll likely encounter hypnogogic fractals and geometrical 2D slices... these will likely remind you of the vortex at the entry station as we are also a geometrical system of information and it's easy for our minds to render this geometry.

I have found that in a hypnogogic mesh, I could focus on a vector and that vector/point would become a passage into a dream packet, like tapping into a datastream and off I go into a new dream experience. You may find it's all about information, and how you render that information, datastreams which become consciousness streams in our dreams.

Just running through bandwidths of experiences, and creating some of your own. Hopefully when you are successful it will be liberating, informative and fun.
Thanks, so insightful, truly a dream-master bursting with experience. The energy is tangible. It's like remembering and waking from a 'fuzzy' dream, buzzing with fragments and waking to the possibility of all potential, the Michelangelo 'Spark' of consciousness igniting the energy. I had a lot of dreams and memories as a young child, like a close contact with something, which I can see from your explanation was another me ! a higher awareness. I always was aware of OBEs and can remember some, especially the moment of return to my physical body and feeling like I was the size of the whole universe trying to fit inside a tiny body, seemingly impossible.

I felt too that 7 would be an age when that childhood natural connection with the universe would change, and sure enough at age 7 I remember feeling like something had been disconnected, like a loss. The dreams and everything continued but there was a kind of cut off point.

That you love sleep paralysis is good to hear, I can see it's probably just the fear of it. I have entered into that 1/2 awake consciousness a few times recently, and the thing I do remember is the 'fear' feeling again ! one time having to get up to end the feeling, not wanting to explore it.

The lucid dreams I have had were superb experiences, but as a non dream master they have occurred randomly and I just became conscious in the dream, but to take control and realise where you are is quite an experience.

I get the vortex entry station, data stream and geometry description. Like rendering a 'world' on the computer screen from optical data information. I do feel I have memories there which I feel may become clearer, like crystalising packets from the dreamworld.

I can see why we have an amnesic block from the past as there is so much to focus on here and we become totally immersed in this human life and our reasons for being here. I always felt it will be with reflection that we understand. Our free will is allowing us to experience situations, music, sounds, knowledge, and the rollercoaster of life gives the emotional package to go with it, good and bad !
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