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Originally Posted by megahertz View Post
Really?? Is that the length you have to go to to be able to dismiss the Bible?? lol

Something you might be able to understand is that God sends people to the grave as easily as a parent sends a child to their bedroom when they misbehave. That is His 'Plan B' and the door is opened just in time for supper.

Take it any further than that and you are intentionally overwo5rking the subject in the hopes nobody sees the real picture as you would be left alone with your superior thinking.
That is also why the ignore list is handy, especially when a troll uses it as a defensive move. (nor would poor guy even know such a post had been made unless some toad quotes the message.

If relief is felt by the one using the button imagine how much mor it is felt by the one with the benefits but none of the 'work'.
And I'm sure Hitler also sent people to the gas chambers as easily as a parent sends a child to their bedroom for "misbehaving"...

Although, even Hitler wasn't insane enough to want to resurrect the dead and snuff them out again, or torture them for an eternity (depending on your interpretation or denomination - it's kind of funny your all knowing god couldn't write or inspire a book with a coherent message that you can all agree on).
Being religious is like being in an abusive relationship. God says - obey me: don't love anyone else: I know what you're thinking: if you leave me I will punish you: you're a terrible person without me: you'll never find anyone as good as me: don't listen to anyone who doesn't understand us: of course I love you!

The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it.

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