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Originally Posted by stikmata View Post
the fundamental: dope scratches!!!!..... loop is super sick too... both ones are as dope as anything on our album (hook us up w/ some production)... yea man... this is my shit. My only criticism is that the slow/(Allan Watt?) part should be a different entity from the first 3:20 of the song... just too differnt/long... JMO though.
thanks bro and everyone else for your words. i can't listen to your stuff right now because i am at work, but i will later. i wish i can hook you up with production, but i put out like 10 albums a year and i produce and dj for many friends and a lot of groups as well and we do lots of gigs, all money free, so i would really have to squeeze my schedule, but if you need cuts or anything asap, contact me and i'll hook you up, the cuts is the easy part!
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