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Perhaps it's the chances
Not infinite but enough to learn to survive
Remember the first one alone
Library empty surrounded by glass doors

All staircases outside and corridor turns
Lead to a glass door to your library
As you get off your dream and pick yourself up to knees
The smashing of glass and wood behind you

Leap into the air turn around jaws of a Werewolf
Hello! A second Life I can see you!
Repeating over but I exist to advise you
Stay on the floor lying down

Listen at footsteps busy marble steps
But not from many students instead Werewolf!
Perfectly still! Listen to glass meshed doors tapped
The big secret is creature knows where to see you

No! Don't be scared sit back down!
Hello a third chance! I can see top of bookcase
Knocked off the shelf up instruction manual
As my second Life informs you to stay lain

On top of the bookcase I see roof window light
The sun falls but the lights stay on
Easier for those periods of wolf hunted
No! Don't turn pages violently!

Hello life number four I got this more!
By the case are the wires for the lights!
Werewolf saw book fall during assurance to lie down
Now I am life SIX and I have friends made with

The Werewolf can speak your language drinks with you
And what a perfect way to end this.
"Excuse me? We're closing the Library sleeping at computer desk!"
"Oh sorry, I just wanted a print off dots of my love"
"Hello, I really enjoyed hearing your love just now"
"Thank you for event! I am going home!
Oh no! The Werewolf!"
"Body discovered. Require maximum recovery. Over."

I am life 69 I have automatic rifle
But when I place it next to me lying there
Pointed at the wires in broadest daylight
Even the Werewolf amazed

Up from the carpet over display
Both feet launch through window
It appears solid but it breaks
All past lives stare
Where from wind blows the crushed in.
Because you can never say "Shit... I'm fucked" enough in your own language "ORDERED WHAT CALMNESS MEANT"

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