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Fluoride enough implications and cheat sheet
Of constructors, applications under reported
Another trick for switching off and ignore
Mix history with a bouncy castle made of

Fluoride which returns to set after each bounce
Breathing in without a mask to filter out
The vapoured lungs bring your kids
Let the whole Earth bounce

In a mock castle inflatible
Made from the compounds of fluoride
To busy in flight to make connections tight
Implication stolen Nazi idea domesticated

A television on wheels
Can you remember when councils afford it?
Every neighbourhood has a green
Being set up football match days

Bouncy castles made of fluoride
Jump around dust swift perspiring
For all connected loose definition of family
Brush teeth with fluoride and forget Nazis
Used water supplies yet bought to life with Reagan

Fluoride bouncy castles is all we have to
Contend with figure out escaping
Until stronger to end return for defeating them
How loud is your daughter screaming?

Yet what love drives on your order?
For a bouncy castle made of fluoride
Heightened birthday gift more than surprise

"Bouncy castles made of fluoride?
Sounds too dangerous to be
And who cares? We beat Nazis
Brush the fluoride on my teeth!"

But among you more than one
Less them several and the people around perimeter
Listening to dialect translations brain recognition
We used to be at war

But that's before council set round
A bouncy castle made of fluoride
If housed with trampoline occupants each
Made the short trek for a bounce

Or as much in ten minutes
Inside fluoride bouncy castle
Not enough want banned
Exploding girls into sky
Fearful trapped inside
A freak weather storm arrival.
Because you can never say "Shit... I'm fucked" enough in your own language "ORDERED WHAT CALMNESS MEANT"


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