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A thread about the real drug lords is on the menu page and a few hours ago I wrote this. I also wrote something I'm going to sit on until a Slam next Mi day.
If you loved the fuck out if this one, the first three lines of the other one will have you on your ass!!


Putting the key in the lock
I heard one two three
That many times putting in the mechanism
A sound from future
A sound from past when done
A sound from me putting key ignition

There's something wrong if you are hurt drinking the water
Be grateful at moment no pain breathing air
Forget the hand of comfort in the smoke
But if only reflective surfaces glimpsed
What's happening to your innards beat yet never reflects your soul

Injections stayed away from
No faith in myself administering needles
Although how easy it seems
Holding arm direct!y in face
But I've never heard of
Their happiest endings

Favourite of all was placed on tongue
Close mouth tight enough to build saliva
Then bring moisture through squeeze
So in-between your teeth
A tsunami flush swallowed paper down throat
Maybe the kids wanted instant?
Put off ecstasy when pilled told me
It was like my favourite thing ever
But without the paranoiac self harming things
Because you don't actually go through with it
That's ultimate experience
You still can't see but feels
A higher consciousness watching over us
Am I missing out was it all optimum point?
A never caring because you saw everyone as love?

Not a comprehensive and in circumstances
An initially unhelpful poem about drugs
Best Man! I can't even get the good stuff!
No matter what you might be thinking
From seeing it all pasted across because not loved
enough to read handwriting by my side you can read
more than what brain scores guesswork
And of course including ghost words that appear
in your speech despite text being different letters

You don't want to lie beside me and read my handwriting
World and mindset stacked against reading what I'm doing
That makes sense "Desire" but where fit?
"Intention" from your charts and graphs?
Because you can never say "Shit... I'm fucked" enough in your own language "ORDERED WHAT CALMNESS MEANT"

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