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Attracted by Vampire
Attention directed at event
Still human feel moved
This history not even paid attention
Chalk it up to my humourous darkness
That's disgust in the eyes of those who care less

Don't even know I exist but the Vampire does
It can sense me emotional watching pictures of event
Not yet today "Now how will they renege?"
Attempts to keep scores and understand charge
Best it can inspire and bring a focus
Confidence at strongest when aware it's the future

Watching box silent giving attention unbeknown
To a Vampire feeding on collective understanding

I have no idea of where's it's crypt
You've no concrete proof it doesn't exist
They've got hopes and force blaspheming wished
We've now answers but questions will never finish
She's not got the great voice of pity
He's stopped dots joined to create a map
That'll happen to be it's final speech
This stops hysteria donors rich

All the Vampire War myths could be true
But there's constant stream of Witchcraft
To comprehend then add onto totals
I know nothing honest
Yet I can feel electrical happen
A lie if claimed I could see

The lightning in my head
I can't remember what the man said
About the numbers
Faces nuetral on the picture
Not even known the end attraction
Here it comes now...

Vampire, can't you share it?
Let screamed at lady speak
Stop clapping oh beautiful
Pictures of women tearful
Oh look tears...
I'm really happy!

Vampires no longer exist
Defeated bought round table logic
The "Yes Text" in print
When said
I saw it happen
I saw them announce "Yes"!

Now look over water to stop other deaths
Kept from public secret classified methods.
Because you can never say "Shit... I'm fucked" enough in your own language "ORDERED WHAT CALMNESS MEANT"


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