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I might have a job going around asking customers survey question (target is about 7 households from two hundred homes, a few hours work stretched out over days) but it seems like I can do both the job and poetry. Because of new data protection laws I couldn't take my Tablet and my books I left under the trainer's passenger seat. (Got them back!)
First piece is about the job, second poem is based on a conversation I had last night, and the last one came from that brainstorming session I had with a group and is actually a call to arms saying you should write because it isn't illegal yet. So get writing!


The streets
Good strong houses of rejection
Leading to seven conversations

Beautiful on a sunny day
Mettle test holiday raining
I don't know who is asking the questions
Too unfocused for asking my own

But if there's paycheck
I will take it
If that in basic is the store
Within month a ladder

Steps taken everyday
Endgame security
Humble sufficient made
The streets

Along streets when returning from working
Or inside watching awaiting turn
Front door knocker

Sorry for loss this is my intrude
There is nothing on sale here
Just grouped questions for you
I can prove what I say I am

This is actual work
Arrive in a town
Pounding streets
Knocking doors asking questions

Works better for me
With travelling
Prize of questless daydreams

A job in the streets
To ask them free
Thank them move on
Wake up and use salary

The streets
I can reach
When looking at satellites and clouds
Footsteps in height

Taken on street
Matches clouds
Satellite bound
Ahead of self before gravity

Dictates satellites above clouds
Clouds over me
Below me
The streets.



You never heard about the coins?
Biological poisoned soaked?
Heated daily in a flask
Tiny amounts of solution

To be dried in sunlight
Some perverted dry in open air
Disease tissue tainted
Held fast by toxins silver

Picked with gloves
On floor of train or bus
Left there until fingers
Pluck from dusty

Wipe fingerprints
Usually touch lips
Infection carried on
Victim never saw

Thankless job of genocide
City street doorways
Sealed bottle dark liquid
Why don't you pick it up?

Thank your fates and drink it?
Soak more in diseased source
Folded pieces of paper
Scrawl first page of the introduction

Of textbook used for creating toxin
How long would the idiots
Stand there holding page reading?
If organised crime

Used excuse "It's been on the ground!"
Every cell and institution
Dust of vacant silence
It's not just been on the ground

But also prepared as experiments
Charting spikes in regional group practice
Little concern of that poor
With no coverage

Or revenge of foreign invasion
So keep on walking past the glisten
Picking up objects oblivious to history
Human guinea pig

Inside a dark science test
"How could they do such a thing?"
Excuses them so they've done it
Now wash your hands

To shake hands of poison
Always, why do you do this?
Always touch your face



Evidence irrelevance does not exist
Evidence of irrelevance proved false
Evidence proved irrelevance this isn't
Permitted not illegal yet

But no complacency at such threat
Added vitality if they won't follow me
Do this for personal enjoyment
Because anybody can do it

Let me inspire the years invested
That doubting klaxon silent only in your head
To give attempts reacquaint and exercise
Power deluded into thinking couldn't touch it

Assurance you can
Those words from your dreams
If you can't remember you can see
The shape left in echo

Holes folding inside membrane unseen
Stronger when it's closing eyes
The world's doing violence
There's still time for writing

Even after fight that happened
A record from where left off
Evidence irrelevance not inside this
Evidence presented irrelevance made of falsehood

Evidence verified onto wrong is projected light
Not in content more searchlight
Casually shining over clouds made from thoughts
Evidence accepted there is permission

If making you kinder remember appearance of peace
You can open up a blank lined piece
Stare hard you see words
Ghosts, echoes of negative Polaroid bright glare

Evidence process demonstrated growing trends
When the world has improvised missiles
Be greater through writing lines of your pen's smile
This is more for the audio

You are little children
The world's doing explosives
I'm doing Poetry.


And also last night I went to a Slam and got the three minute format wrong. (It's one piece under three minutes, not as many as you can do in three minutes!

EDIT: Had to delete that video but uploaded it to Liverpool Slam YouTube channel.
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