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Originally Posted by haukipesukone View Post
Ever since I read the Sirius Mystery I've been wondering what relationship is there between the Nommo and reptilians. Are they the same? Are they allies, enemies, totally unrelated? Are Nommo and Anunnaki the same?
I hope this link will help you understand some of the questions you have asked Haukipesukone, the link is in my Signature also.

The Nommo's chief was Dagon they came from sirius c although i do not believe they are the reptilians spoke of in David Icke's Research, as i believe that the reptilians originated from the evolution of the Dinosaures. Yet his work refers to the Deep Ones in the Emerald Tablets, Deep meaning under the ocean and those beings who use USO's. Perhaps the Nommo's mixed their bood with the Dinosaures and the Anunnaki to produce hybrids to bring about peace between the races ... ... Some do claim that the Anunnaki are the Nommo however Sitchin claims otherwise.
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