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Originally Posted by markritter View Post
Back to the original post. Do you all believe there is an after death judgement? its sounds so much like pseudo Christianity. Who is the judge?

Karma doesn't need a judge nor a judgement as you automatically generate the reactions to your choice, good or bad, but to believe in judgement implies a judge, so who is it?
There is an after death judgement. You get to judge yourself after going through every moment of your whole life, which exposes all those things you wanted to hide from yourself and brush under the carpet. Death is the great revealer, showing you everything as it really was.
It's far more awful for some to be their own judge rather than God being the judge. It means the individual is given the responsibility of the judgement after a whole lifetime of trying to be ignorant to what they are responsible for.

We spend our whole lives judging others but how often do we judge ourselves? I think this is why a lot of people are so scared shitless of their own death.

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