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Originally Posted by don coyote View Post
No matter HOW MUCH BETTER resolution they are ever able to make the Patterson film..... those Hairy Boobs are SO in the wrong place. They are WAY too far south. They appear to be engorged, which would reveal that "Bigfoot" has recently become a Mother. NO mammal on Earth has enlarged breasts until AFTER giving birth, except for Humans. Human females are the ONLY species that has big boobs BEFORE giving birth. My Mom is 79 years old and HER boobs get caught, sometimes, in her pants zipper..... but they still START much higher on her chest. Roger Patterson and Bob Hieronimus' boobs appear to start at the BOTTOM of "Bigfoot's" ribcage. Looks TOTALLY non-anatomical.
So you think that for Patty to have such pendulous, milk-engorged boobs, and also not still be pregnant, she would have to be human? Or...human-ish?

Is that right? Don't other mammalian females also have bursting udders after the drop? Cows do...

Anyway, I reckon she is human...ish! That's why so many people think it's fake; the experience of it is seeing a 'human', not an ape.

Funnily enough, it's only debunkers (and goobers) who strawman bigfoot as an undiscovered 'ape'; indigenous people on different continents clearly label these folk as another species of 'man'.

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