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Originally Posted by techman View Post
If anyone's faking footage that's truly fooling anyone (on an amateur level) then I doubt they're using Adobe After Effects or Photoshop. Photoshop is easy to fake imagery provided you've had lots of experience, but faking video is a different thing altogether.
Right. And there probably are some really good digital artists out there fooling people just for kicks, but I suspect most of the sophisticated fakery is being done on the level of intelligence agencies for a variety of reasons.


In my OP, I mentioned that Patty's areola and nipples are visible, but after a quick review of the MK Davis video just now, I'm not sure he specifically went into this, so here is the breakdown of my observations...

I mentioned that Patty appears to have 'Jada Fire-sized areola'. For those unfamiliar, Jada Fire is a (now-retired) adult actress.

Here is a comparison that may help you see the mammary gland resemblance:

Arrow no. 1 in the below enlargements is pointing to the curved upper edge of the areola of both ladies.

Arrow no. 2 is pointing to the position of their nipples. Patty's nipples look swollen in comparison. Perhaps she is lactating or considerably older than her human counterpart.

Upon closer inspection, it seems likely to me that we can actually see Patty's nipple-opening, in the same way that Jada's milkhole is prominently visible.

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