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Originally Posted by echoes_of_a_dream View Post

Thanks Montag

I had to convert the contents of my "book" from HTML, the original location of this work is here: but I figured that if I could transcribe it into the forum then it would get more viewing.
Hey no problem, so much info and I'm only halfway through the first page. I really dig the biocentric universe model, thats been a favourite pet theory of mine for a while. I'm a student of Chinese medicine which was laid out as a complete system three thousand years ago in the , but today much of this is dismissed by modern medicine as superstition. The ancient Chinese were forbidden to dissect the human body for study as this was considered desecration so instead they observed nature and applied this knowledge to the microcosm (human body) therefore we talk about pathologies such as wind, damp, cold, fire and heat as well as applying the principle of yin -yang. We now know that the human body is far more intricate that the ancients could ever have imagined because of modern technology. I've always surmised that this is because the more we investigate (observe) the inner workings of the human body the more the universe provides, in other words human biology becomes more complex just by our closer observation of it, and will continue to become ever more complex. If you look at the inner workings of one human cell it is a little universe of it's own, amazing. BTW the picture you posted comparing a brain cell to the universe is a great example of the fractal nature of reality.

I have a friend who is a believer of "scientism" and he is convinced that we are very close to knowing everything that can be known through science, to having it all explained, somehow I doubt that. Anyway cheers again for all the great info..


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