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Danzig, 911, Sully & Bluebirds. VI

Sully: 911

LAURA LINNEY in another HUDSON movie as Margaret "DAISY" Suckley
opposite Bill Murray as FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT

JESSICA TANDY won on Oscar as the Jewish DAISY Werthan


THE BIRDS movie is located in the SAN FRANCISCO BAY area
(and starts in the city SAN FRANCISCO), and BOO born in
the SAN FRANCISCO Bay area

DAPHNE DU MAURIER died on the birthday KATE HUDSON

Look in what collection THE BIRDS story was first published


THE BIRDS first published in THE APPLE Tree, and the
BIRDS ATTACK on the BIG APPLE by BIN LADEN, who was killed MAY 2 (52).
The APPLE TREE published in '52

The 911 attacked was even foretold in more detail by THE BIRDS

The Birds: Kamikaze

It were KAMIKAZE Pilots on 911, and in the DAPHNE DU MAURIER
story it were KAMIKAZE BIRDS

It is the story of a farmhand, his family, and his community that are
attacked by flocks of birds and seabirds in kamikaze fashion.
Dates, Apples, names, location, art of attack, all foretold
in detail by THE BIRDS (both the story and the movie)

911: Danzig

Original story located in Daphne's native CORNWALL, and the
Duchess of CORNWALL is married to the Prince of WALES,
and back at DANZIG hero WALESA

The PRINCE of WALES is the father of the Duke of CAMBRIDGE,
and Newtons APPLE TREE was in CAMBRIDGE

CARDIFF is the capital of WALES

Wales: Dantzig-The Birds

CARDIFF is the Capital and biggest city of WALES

Cardiff City F.C. aka the BLUEBIRDS bought EMILIANO SALA
for a record £15 million on 19 JANUARY this month, birthday
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