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Default Sonic attack!

The US state department has urged its staff in China to alert them to any abnormal hearing or vision issues after one employee reported mystery symptoms.

Types of sonic weapon

Infrasound - below 20Hz
  • at frequencies too low for humans to hear
  • if very loud can cause vertigo, vomiting or uncontrollable defecation
  • would need huge racks of speakers to be effective

Ultrasound - above 20,000Hz
  • easier to target
  • possible to direct sound through walls
  • risk of affecting people other than those targeted, including person carrying out attack

The employee was sent back to the US, and on 18 May the embassy learnt that they had been diagnosed with mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI), Ms Lee added.

Here we go.
It IS real. Another one.

So for inaudible sonic attack (below 20hz), it needs a huge speaker. That's reassuring.

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