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Originally Posted by knightofthegrail View Post
What do you think pays for benefits? A magic money tree? The money comes from our taxes and from the work we do. I dont begrudge people that, but I draw the line when they will not do anything in return for that.

Taking without giving back is the attitude of a thief.
But it's not just a case of everyone who is unemployed is taking indefinitely and not intending to give anything back. People can be between jobs, laid off, sick and the whole point of the benefit system is that people pay National Insurance into the kitty and they are then entitled to claim benefits when they are on their arse.

If people think that those who have fallen on their arses are lazy piss taking thieves then that's not very understanding is it? I think it's sick that people are looking for work and through no fault of their own there are not enough jobs to go round. the crowning turd in the waterpipe is the fact that people are calling them thieves for claiming what they are actually entitled to.
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