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Originally Posted by knightofthegrail View Post
NI pays for your benefits. In order to pay £800 a month NI you'd need to be on £7000 a month. Obviously it would not need to be so high if the £800 were tax and NI, but tax does not pay for benefits (in theory at least).
Well we would have saved ourselves these questions if you had read my post properly and how it said 800 quid a month in stoppages for Tax and NI.

I don't doubt you're right and NI actually pays for 'benefits' but those fuckers in power have thought themselves 'entitled' to grab 800 a month (in Income Tax and NI) off me and so therefore, now that I'm struggling to find work, I feel I'm 'entitled' to my 65 quid a week off 'them' without having to work for it. I've paid stupid amounts into this country and took fuck all back and I'm sick to fuck that I'm expected to work for a pittance of a handout.
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