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Originally Posted by djjn View Post
Yes i believe david has gone too far with his theories about the moon. I think its ridiculous and ever since he came out with it iv not paid much attention to him.

There are a lot of strange anomolies with the moon but to say that its a giant spacecraft sending out rays that manipulate us is a bit too much. And theres no evidence of that being the case whatsoever.

I think hes ran out of things to write about so he jumped on the moon being hollow etc bandwagon. Some people will believe anything and david knows this
You clearly haven't even reviewed the evidence. Have you even read any of Icke's new book? (or any of his books for that matter?) Haha. Don't you just love it when people take on an air of being clued up when it's obvious they're not?

The evidence presented in this thread alone totally debunks what you're saying:
"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." -- Carl Jung
"The educated person is one who knows how to find out what he does not know" -- George Simmel

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