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Originally Posted by beldazar View Post
Well I think it goes much deeper than just the moon being a space-ship, but then that's just me.

When you work out how we are taught to believe certain things you start to realise we could have been taught absolutely ANYTHING.
If we had been brought up to think the moon is a space-ship it wouldn't sound at all ridiculous would it?
Exactly. We were tought that Sun revolves around Earth. Bum! Here comes Galileo and that man, one man, makes a paradigm shift.

We were told that the Earth was flat. Bum! Here comes Magellan, with a resolve to circumnavigate the Earth, and we have a paradigm shift again.

To cut a long story short, individuals who changed humanity because they had the balls to stick to their guns.

Everyone thought they were nuts. The same with Icke. Wait and see, he may well be right.

Originally Posted by djjn View Post
It just seems he's basing his theory on a feeling he has rather than any scientific evidence and for me I'm afraid that just won't do. If someone has a theory about anything it needs to be backed up with evidence. Only a fool would believe something without evidence.
Try proving that you love your partner/kids etc. No science no matter how advanced can prove this. Ever. You just know you love them because your heart tells you that.

As with checking out for oneself, I completely agree with you. Icke himself said that too - don't believe, search for yourself, get informed and make your own conclusions.

Love & peace.
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