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The trick is to keep an open mind, even if the information is controversial. isn't this the ultimate motivation to KEEP your mind open? If debunkers try to debunk other people because their are saying things that don't match with their own viewpoint, aren't they just closeminded people and act a bit like a religion? To say 'God is not real', that's your take on that. If you would assume that reality is not absolute, then how can you say and claim that the moon is absolute - and therefore a natural, heavenly body with coincidental anomalies? I'm just saying, my mind is open and I won't dismiss any information even if it sounds impossible. Not to be confused with being gullible, though.

About the moon: I can imagine it's not natural and when certain dots are connected, all theories make sense in some way. but eventually, all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration.. so.. therefore not absolute, and therefore not 'real', so it doesn't really matter (literally) if it's fake or real. Because it's fake, for real

Eventually, like Terence McKenna said: '.. you'll just say: 'bullshit'.'

because we don't have to take everything so damn seriously because it will make things far more worse. Even if we are controlled by interdimensional reptilians, does it matter when we are infinite consciousness? I've experienced this myself when I was in an altered state during a psilocybin trip. Nothing in the apparent 'real' world made sense, because.. it doesn't..
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