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No one understands Trump's roll! He is the buffer to the reality show media pressure! He takes the brunt of all of it because he is the boat cutting it's way through the ice clearing the way for the team behind him headed by Pence and others that are the true intelligence behind the operation and all the while the focus of those trolled away by Trump all focus on Trump and nothing else! They are so intent on their nailing him they completely forget about all the other players with few exceptions!

When Bannon and his roll in all this, and Session's roll, and even Mueller's own roll and the fact he has had a get out of jail free card in his back pocket all along for his part in this will all shock the living shit out of the world when it all comes out!! When these key players finally move and this all comes together it will be a big final flush out and the world will wake in shock at the reveals of these predators they were supporting! When they find out who has really been controlling NK and doing all this and why Iran is funded by the US and all the false intel provided by key players on NK and their abilities are all coming to a head! Wait for it!! When it hits it will be glorious!
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