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Originally Posted by supertzar View Post
... David Icke hasn't had one new interesting bit of information in twenty years.
I'm afraid that's true ....

That's the one major criticism that could be leveled at David ... Despite having all the dream contacts ... having the ear of the right people ...Pane Androv and Simon Parkes who deal with with Aliens and the SSP ....

Swerdlow involved in government time travel

And many others ... Despite this , David has not integrated this new information into his work and helped spread it ....

The SSP ( Secret Space Program) and ETs are the BIGGEST issue facing humanity ...

The cabal have an off world empire with millions of slaves abducted from earth , living on the moon , mars and elsewhere , they have interstellar craft , time travel and every type of advanced tech imaginable ,gained from decades of trading with rouge ET groups (swapping human slaves for advanced tech)....
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