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Originally Posted by ledingue View Post
Thanks for finding and copying those quotes. This is an extremely serious issue - the real danger of harm that Charlotte Ward ("Jacqui Farmer") may do to the vulnerable and unstable people she attracts and encourages.
She has a pathetic disclaimer on her blog sidebar saying "I am not suggesting you write to people I name because that could be harassment" whilst explicitly encouraging exactly that behaviour in her posts, day after day.

Do you think that Charlotte Ward was recruited by Belinda in the same way as Robert Green or is Charlotte perhaps more of a team member, a professional? It is highly probable from some evidence I've seen that Charlotte Ward was working on the Hollie Greig hoax as well, very much in the background.
Perhaps Ward is in Holland and the team figures this will present a protection from UK police action in much the same way that the abusive brainwashing of the children was done in Morocco. If that's the case then Charlotte Ward isn't so much being exploited by Belinda but is a professional member of the team. I suspect that Ray Savage also has a significant role on that team, he and Charlotte both have a history of infiltration work in the "conspiracy theory" field. I could be wrong but I see these four - McKenzie, McNeill, Ward/Alton & Savage as the key members, on the ground at least, of this psychological operations team targeting "alternative internet" activity. And Brian Gerrish works for them.
Could well be the case, not sure JF is the full shilling so she would fit into 'team' Belinda very well, and quite possibly selected a few years ago, so quite willing to join in the lunacy.
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