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Originally Posted by positiveevitisop View Post
I lost my fear because I included everything in existence as an extension of myself and vice versa... both the good, and the bad... and in doing so, everything was alright :luv:

The more one runs away from the bad, the more they are running away from themselves. One must confront everything in life, not run away from it, because the more they run away from themselves, the more that separation will effect them.

Also, when I said "addiction," I wasn't specifically referring to drugs. Anybody can be addicted to anything.
Every thing in existance that is not positive is neautral until your mind analyses it..Without neutral there will be flow of energy both neutral and positive flow in harmony in my house until negative shorts the current and i trip the switch, I am certain this energy is more like alternating current..
The more information(neutral will lead to more positive i can not understand how negative can resonate at a high frequency..

When i think a negative if i cant discard that from my thoughts i can not get on that good place for negative energy in my energy..

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