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Originally Posted by h2pogo View Post
I 'want' is positive i agree, its the i NEED that is negative concerning drugs..You dont need drugs to acheive that kind of vibration..
To resist negative temptations is surely a positive too, i do not see any need for negative in my mind to achieve a higher vibration?
You said your self you lost your fear first?
I lost my fear because I included everything in existence as an extension of myself and vice versa... both the good, and the bad... and in doing so, everything was alright :luv:

The more one runs away from the bad, the more they are running away from themselves. One must confront everything in life, not run away from it, because the more they run away from themselves, the more that separation will effect them.

Also, when I said "addiction," I wasn't specifically referring to drugs. Anybody can be addicted to anything.
I am Nature, and Nature is me.

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